Students and Young People

A Dose of Reality

In Georgia, more people die from prescription opioid overdoses than all other drugs. But don’t think you and your friends get a pass because you’re young. In recent years, the rate of prescription opioid overdoses has increased in Georgia among young people.

What students and young people can do

  • If someone offers you pills that weren’t prescribed to you, say no. Encourage that person to dispose of them properly.
  • Never offer your own prescription opioids to someone else. Be sure to lock them up or store them safely, out of reach of others.
  • If you find prescription opioids at home, leave them alone. Better yet, ask the person whose name is on the label to lock them up or dispose of them if they’re┬áno longer needed or expired.
  • Warn your friends about the dangers of using prescription opioids, including the fact that four out of five heroin addicts start by using prescription drugs.

Resources for students

Get the facts on the dangers of prescription opioid abuse.

Find a Drug Take Back location near you.

Addiction affects people from all walks of life.