Always follow safe medication use tips:

  • Do not share your opioids or other medications with anyone.
  • Do not take someone else’s prescription medication.
  • Store your prescription opioids and other medications securely.
  • Safely dispose of expired, unused or unwanted prescription medications.

When picking up a prescription…

  • Read and examine the label. Your pharmacist put all that information on there for a reason.
  • Count the number of pills in the bottle and be sure it matches the amount indicated on the label.
  • If the label describes what the pills should look like, make sure what’s in the bottle matches. If not, tell your pharmacist.
  • When you pick up a refill, examine the pills to be sure they look the same as the last batch.
  • If you have questions about the ingredients, warnings, directions or anything else having to do with your prescription, ask the pharmacist while you’re there.

When taking medication at home…

  • Take your medications only as long as they’re needed, and never more than directed by your prescribing medical professional.
  • Always double check the label to be sure you’re taking the correct pill.
  • Do not crush pills unless you have been instructed to do so by your doctor or pharmacist.

If something goes wrong…

  • If you or someone you know has an adverse reaction to a new prescription, call your doctor immediately.
  • If you miss a dose, call your doctor for instructions.
  • If you take too large of a dose or accidentally take the wrong medication, call 911 or the poison control center immediately at 800-222-1222.