Together, we can combat opioid abuse in Georgia

Georgia’s prescription and illicit opioid problem threatens the well-being of every Georgian at every socioeconomic level and in every geographic region of the state. If you are battling this crisis in your own home, know you are not alone. Our office will continue working on this issue until there are no more tears, no more funerals and no more heartaches as a result of this modern day plague.

That’s why the Georgia Department of Law, in conjunction with our partners on the Statewide Opioid Task Force, is sharing a DOSE OF REALITY and working to prevent opioid abuse in Georgia. When prescribed and used properly, prescription opioids can offer relief. However, anyone is at risk of becoming addicted.

Deaths and hospitalizations from overdoses are increasing, and four out of five heroin addicts start by abusing prescription opioids. Ending the scourge of opioid abuse will take an all in effort.

We must work together to do something about it. This DOSE OF REALITY site will help in that effort. Use it to find out how you can do your part in preventing opioid abuse in Georgia.